Nevyn Verulai

Wood Elf Druid


For the first time in an age, during a time of great darkness and hardship, the Elven village of Starfall nominated a “Summer King”. Nevyn Verulai was the young elf that accepted the honour…and the burden.

Ruling for a time, the Summer King is believed to live with his soul partly in the “other lands”, granting him the wisdom and insight to guide his people for a time. In exchange for these gifts, the Summer King is sacrificed to the forest by being buried alive in the heart of the Black Oak, an ancient tree that overlooks the village and the subject of numerous legends.

Despite the vigil held over the grave, no one knows how the Summer King is rescued from the grave and restored to life by the Druids of the Black Oak and inducted into their order. He is ever more mourned as dead by his friends and family, and contact with his home is as rare as it is awkward.

For almost a human generation, Nevyn has been guardian angel for villages far and wide, sometimes in defiance of the wishes of his order. It is his friendship with his mercenary companions that has finally given him a sense of home, but no one who has ruled as the Summer King been buried will ever truly belong in the realm of mortals.

Nevyn Verulai

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