Tiefling Druid/Warlock


Tiefling Druid 1, Fey Warlock 2
Medium humanoid, 6’, 162 lb
Long horns, black hair, black eyes, dark brown skin
Armour Class: 16 (hide, shield, dexterity)
Hit points: 21 (3d8 plus 3)
Speed: 30ft
Passive Perception: 11

Sings to himself when stressed

- Scimitar: plus 4 vs AC, d6 plus 2 slashing
- Eldritch Blast: 120’, plus 5 ranged vs AC,
d10 plus 3 force
- Poison Spray: 10’, DC 11 CON save or
1d12 poison
- Fey presence, spells

STR 8 (minus 1)
DEX 14 (plus 2)
CON 12 (plus 1)
INT 11 (0)
WIS 13 (plus 1)
CHA 17 (plus 3)

Damage Resistance: Fire
Senses: darkvision 60feet
Languages: Common, Infernal, Druidic

- Light armour, medium armour, shields. (all on-metal)
- Scimitars and simple weapons
- Disguise Kit, Herbalism kit, Thieves’ Tools
- Saving Throws: Intelligence (2), Wisdom (3)
- Skills: Arcana (2), Nature (2),
Sleight of Hand (4), Stealth (4)

Fey Presence (Warlock): 1/short rest, creatures in 10’ cube originating from me make DC 13 WIS save. Charmed or frightened until end of my next turn.

Hellish Rebuke (Tiefling): 1/day. VS reaction, 60ft, 3d10 fire, Dex save DC 13 for half.

- Swanson (academic at Kings University of Jordan’s Crossing)
- Wen (fisherman friend – anti-gnoll)
- Queen of Rot (patron)

Eldritch Invocations:
- Agonizing Blast (add CHAmod to Eldritch Blast)
- Mask of Many Faces (Disguise Self at will)
- Eldritch Blast (Warlock) VS
- Guidance (Druid) VS
- Minor Illusion (Warlock) SM
- Poison Spray (Druid) VS
- Thaumaturgy (Tiefling) V
Druid (DC 11, 2 slots) prepared 1 1st level:
- Cure Wounds 1d8 plus 1 hp VS
- Detect Magic VS
Druid Rituals:
- Detect Poison and Disease VSM
- Purify Food and Drink VS
- Speak with Animals VS
Warlock (DC 13, 2 slot) knows:
- Armor of Agathys: 5 temp hp, 5 cold retribution vs melee VSM
- Comprehend Languages VSM
- Sleep: 90’ range, 20’ radius, 5d8hp VSM
Any spell slots can be used for other class (so I have 4 level 1 slots total). Foci: Arcane, Druidic

Urchin: City Secrets (speed x2 through city)
- I think anyone who’s nice to me is hiding evil intent.
- I’m going to prove that I’m worthy of a better life.
- My city is my home and I’ll fight to defend it.
- It’s not stealing if I need it more than someone else.
Equipment: 38 gp
- wooden shield (worn)
- leather armour (backpack), hide armour (worn)
- scimitar (wielded)
- explorer’s pack (backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days rations, water skin, 50’ hempen rope)
- druidic focus (mistletoe)
- arcane focus (crystal)
- small knife
- map of (insert name of tiefling city) City
- pet mouse “Maggie”
- piece of father’s horn in a tin amulet
- common clothes (tiefling-city style)
- belt pouch
- theives’ tools
- a brass orb etched with strange runes
- acolyte vestments (Tritherion)
- travellers’ clothes (Jordan’s Crossing style)


Toth was born and raised in the city of (insert tiefling city name here). He fears the destruction of his city by the arch fey called the Queen of Rot. He believes that she will enter this world at Jordans Crossing, so he has traveled there to stop her, uproot her sickly purple vines, and kill her gnoll soldiers.


Toth’s patron, the Queen of Rot:


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