Wennicus Winterbottom

Forest Gnome Ranger


Wennicus Winterbottom the 2nd. He was not exactly well known around the riverfolk near
Jordan’s Crossing. But he was known by some. And to a few, he was the fishing hero that had not only captured the legendary Carp of Folson’s Hollow, he also kept them fed when food supplies had run short. Often found deep within nearby forests, and along the riverside…

Wen could mostly be found fishing with his bow and arrows. He had modified the bow, so that he could fish from a distance. Far from the waters edge. And once a fish was struck with an arrow, he could reel in his target.

He grew up in the nearby grasslands as an only child. The son of Wennicus and Winnifred Winterbottom. His father was a Monk and a Fisherman. His mother was well known for her tinkering abilities, and was a regular staple at the local markets. She could be found selling her rather unique musical trinkets and useful little devices to locals and travellers alike. As a boy, whilst fishing with his father, they would often set out to catch a legendary Carp. It lived deep within the forest, in a lake amidst a tangle of trees called Folson’s Hollow. It was as big a man, some would say even bigger. After a long time trying, Wen the 2nd, had finally managed to hook it. But he lacked the strength to reel it in. So instead, it pulled him under. He spun amidst the fishing line and was quickly tangled… unable to free himself. The carp pulled him deeper and deeper.

His father, dove beneath the waves, seeking him out. He managed to free his son, but not soon enough. As he had taken in too much water and death quickly approached. Wen the 1st used his Monklike training to resuscitate his son. Ever since then, Wen the 2nd has had a dire fear of being underwater. And he will only fish with his modified bow instead of a traditional reel.

Many years later, Wen returned to Folson’s Hollow. His mind was set. And he managed, through the techniques of the ranger, and the wiles of the forest gnome, to catch that enormous fish. It fed his village for close to two weeks. Word of his abilities quickly spread.

In the winter of his 20th birthday, after a long fishing expedition along the riverside, Wen
returned home to confusion and loss. His parents were gone. No trace of them remained. The fire burned in the hearth. A warm meal sat atop the table. His mothers trinkets in a state of mid-creation. They were simply gone.

Unable to find them, or any witness.. Wen soldiered on. He did his best to take up the mantle of his father as one of the primary fishermen in the region. He also occassionally went to market in place of his mother. He sold musical trinkets, and small devices of helpful nature.

Always casting an ear out for any rumor of his parents survival, or location.As years went by, Wen began dreaming of exploration and adventure. Perhaps to find his parents. Perhaps to simply expand his horizons. His father had often told him of the vast world beyond their home, but Wen had been content with his forests, lakes and rivers. Content no longer, Wennicus Winterbottom the 2nd, decided that a life of adventure was quickly becoming
his calling.

He often dreams of exploring the world outside of his forest of comforts… of seeing things like Orcs, and Dragons, and the Magical wonders of the world beyond.

And now his story continues…….

Wennicus Winterbottom

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