Tales of Alentha

Downtime #5 (One Month)

Activity Overview:

  • The heroes return to Jordan’s Landing for a well earned rest, magical loot in hand. Vondulyth grabbed a floating piece of the obsidian portal from the dragonborn city, both to examine the material more closely and prevent the device from being repaired. The heroes are celebrated by Jordan amid fanfare, having become well known and admired in the city, but then busy themselves for the next month.
  • Gronja celebrates a little too much and gets thrown in jail for a day, after which she devotes herself to brewing ale for the local tap houses. Profits are excellent for the barbarian, who sells all but one of her cloud giant ale barrels. Indus studies furiously, pushing himself through sleepless nights with book and candle, except for one week, during which a little bounce returns to his step.
  • Vondulyth and Wennicus manage to recover one of the giant gut rippers from the river, after which the paladin goes to work in earnest on a battle wagon ballista. Wennicus makes sure that none of the homeless and poor in Jordan’s Landing go hungry, keeping them well fed with any fish he bow hunts from the Sapphire Rhine. Indeed, the destitute of Jordan’s Crossing are looking surprisingly hail these days.
  • As soon as she returns to the Villa, Avria storms to her room and slams the door. The din that ensues sounds like a Dwarven bar brawl on wageday. It also sounds like she’s arguing with someone…? Later that evening she calmly leaves the Villa, and is seen stalking off in the direction of Mireton. She returns three weeks later looking crestfallen.


The_GM_Tim EluriaRose

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