Tales of Alentha

When Fame and Infamy Collide

Characters: Avria, Gronja, Indus Ederix, Konang, Vondulyth Wennicus
Game Date: 09/11/14

Plot Overview:

  • After safeguarding another archaeological site, the heroes return to Jordan’s Crossing in their battle wagon. The more perceptive members of the party spot a red flag peaking over the tall wheat moments before their vehicle is assailed by orcs. Avria and Konang are the only two who understand what the orcs are saying, the leader of whom means to capture the half-orc and kill the rest.
  • Konang tackles one of the orcs and sleeper holds him unconscious. The orc calls him a traitor to Gruumsh before he passes out, but Konang is unmoved, wanting nothing to do with that bum. Indus sends his raven familiar into the sky, who spots some additional movement in the tall grains. Wennicus goes to investigate and finds himself face to face with a wild boar, which he tries in vain to befriend. The boar gores the gnome for his presumption.
  • Avria and Gronja meet the enemy with axe and hammer, whittling the orcs down, while Indus offers ranged support from on top of the wagon. Vondultyh charges after the gnome to see why he screamed out in pain. Indus makes fun of the paladin for leaving the side of his ‘barbarian girlfriend’ and receives a withering gaze from Vondulyth. The orcs are defeated and the prisoner is tied up before regaining his senses. Also there is pig for dinner now.
  • Konang attempts to interrogate his potential captor, but the orc reveals nothing about his purpose, even after a few broken fingers. Indus attempts a gentler approach and eventually charms the orc. The now amiable prisoner reveals that he was hired to capture Konang alive and bring him back to their clan leaders. The more pertinent motivations died with his commander.
  • Avria offers to locate Krang, one of Konang’s friends from his gladiator days, to see what he knows. Unfortunately, she can’t find him anywhere in town. Exasperated, she goes to the centre of Jordan’s Crossing and begins to bellow his name. The new captain of the guard, Bartimaeus, arrives instead and questions Avria’s sanity. The dwarven cleric lies badly about why she wants to find Krang, who was apparently arrested the night before and subsequently released.
  • When pressed for the truth, Avria reveals that her party are keeping an orc prisoner in Jordan’s Crossing at their villa. She runs back to the villa and tells her companions what happened. Vondulyth covers for the dwarf by delivering the prisoner to an outraged Bartimaeus, who arrives shortly after the hill dwarf. The paladin is genuinely contrite and thanks the newly appointed captain for his help in transporting the orc to a more secure location.
  • A gnome named Joshua arrives at the villa shortly thereafter looking for Wennicus. He calls upon the ranger and his badger companion to visit Mireton, a riverside village of halflings and gnomes, as men and woman have been going missing at an alarming rate. The heroes agree to help Wennicus in his purpose and head out again on their battle wagon, sleeping as they travel to save time.
  • Halfway to Mireton, the party is again attacked by orcs, still very much fixated on Konang. Gronja is grabbed off the bridge and dragged into the water by the orc leader, much to her chagrin. She wasn’t planning on bathing for another week. The commander offers gold for the half-orc in their company, but the barbarian refuses to betray her companion.
  • The heroes make short work of the orc warriors, cutting them down as they hew their way to the leader. The orc commander has presented a strong foe to Gronja, who remains off balance. She’s still discombobulated at being doused clean by an orc. The barbarian focuses her anger late in the fight and slices the leader in twain. He slides off himself and floats downriver in two pieces.
  • There are no survivors left to question this time, so the party continue their trek to Mireton, where they squeeze into Moonbottom Inn, a tavern for gnomes and halflings. The proprietor offers a selection of fish and fish that looks like meat. Gronja’s Animating Grog (GAG) has also made its way to Mireton, which doesn’t surprise the barbarian in the least, despite the fact that somebody else must be profiting from distributing her brew.
  • Joshua meets the party at Moonbottom Inn and shows them around Mireton, explaining that all of the victims disappeared from the same area, snatched away near the river bank. Wennicus searches the area and locates scales at the scene of the latest abduction. His instincts, however, tell him that the scales were placed there as a red herring.
  • Vondulyth investigates the dock and finds a torn piece of clothing with a religious symbol on it. Possibly an offshoot cult of Vecna. Gronja goes into the house of the latest victim looking for additional clues, but finds a home packed to the gills with gnomes. She naturally assumed it would be empty based on the small size of the place, earning her no friends whatsoever.
  • The father of the family admits that his daughter was taken last night, but otherwise tells the barbarian to leave. Gronja can’t believe that the patriarch would remain in the house, especially considering that all the disappearances took place right outside his door. Indus suggests setting up an ambush during the night.
  • Vondulyth convinces the gnome family to spend a night at Moonbottom Inn on party coin, which they heartily accept. The heroes hide in the house and lay in wait. Positioned on a warehouse rooftop, Indus spots a boat in the river later that night. Somebody slips out of the boat and swims to the nearby island. The figure digs up a costume, climbs inside, and then jumps back into the water again.
  • The rogue signals Wennicus with his raven familiar that somebody is approaching the village by water. The gnome ranger spots the swimming figure and stomps on the roof to signal his companions inside the borrowed house. Konang runs up to the costumed creature as it emerges from the water and buries his greatsword in the scaled beast as he tries to flee. The half-orc splits the costume open, revealing an orc to be inside.
  • Not sure where to look next, Avria, Gronja, and Vondulyth split up in three directions. Avria guides a halfling reveller into the borrowed house, where he collapses onto the nearest bed. Gronja runs deep into Mireton, following a loud sound that Wenncus tells the barbarian was actually a misleading echo. Vondulyth runs back to the dock where he found the torn piece of clothing earlier.
  • Adonhim, the celestial raven that serves Indus, spots a raiding party of orcs sneaking through Mireton beside the warehouse. Konang spots their beached boat first and then rounds a corner, at which point he recognizes the orcs for who they are immediately. They bear the insignia of a well-known orc tribe known to be savers. It appears they have come to Mireton in search of easy prey.

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