Avria Wyndhammer

Dwarven Cleric


Avria wakes every day with the urge. For years the constant, unexplainable pull has been with her. As she goes about her simple morning routine of bathing, prayer, and polishing her warhammer, she attempts to quiet her mind. The only solace she seems to find is on the road.

After years spent as a hermit in the hills just outside of her home village, Avria began to wander. At first she would spend her days alone, travelling just off of the main paths in order to avoid strangers. As her journey continued, she felt compelled to make her presence known to the other travelers that shared the roads. Most of the people she encountered were happy to travel with her for a time, they welcomed her stout strength, ability to heal, but most of all her willingness to listen. These travelers learned little of Avria, other than her name and station of cleric. Avria, however, learned much about her companions. She listened intently as they described their homelands, customs, hopes, and fears. While her inquiries never came off as anything other than polite interest, Avria intently and methodically stored this information she gathered, hoping to one day return to her village and use her findings to help her people become more one with the expanding world.

This urge to stay on the road almost constantly made a well-travelled little dwarf out of Avria. Most of the time she seemed compelled to visit smaller villages and towns to offer her services to the common folk. Lately she felt a yearning for a larger city, a place with more bustle, a variety of new races to interact with. And thus she found herself wandering into Jordan’s Crossing. A sense of calm filled Avria’s mind as she entered the city gates, she knew somehow that she would have no trouble finding travelling companions here that would have much to teach her, and who would also be eager to set out on the road again.

Avria Wyndhammer

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