Tales of Alentha

Downtime #4 (One Week)

Activity Overview:

  • The adventurers return to their villa in Jordan’s Crossing and relax for a week. Gary_Too.jpgGronja begins selling her cloud giant lightning ale to a local tap house (now called ‘Blue Tongue’ because of the permanent side effect). Konang meditates on his recent battles and goes hunting for game to make sure that Gary Too, his rapidly growing hippogriflet, remains hail and hearty.
  • Nevyn tries to find a home for Franklin, the boy who followed him back to Jordan’s Crossing, but he refuses to leave the wood elf’s side. Resigned to his parental duties, he arranges an education for the lad. Vondulyth goes swimming in the Sapphire Rhine that runs beside the city to see what remains of the dirigible that crashed there. The gut-rippers are still on board. Vondulyth and Wen pool their engineering/tinkering knowledge to retrieve the blades.


The_GM_Tim Sonofapreacherman

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