Tales of Alentha

Road to Ruin

Once More into the Depths

Characters: Gronja, Konang, Llewelyn Fel, Nevyn Verulai, Vondulyth Grimtoken, Wennicus Winterbottom
Game Date: 23/11/14

Plot Overview:

  • A human named Llewelyn arrives at the villa in search of Indus. The heroes inform the collegiate bard from King’s University that the rogue is currently pursuing his own interests, as he is wont to do. When Llewelyn tells the party that he has paying work to retrieve a piece of dragonborn jewellery, the Star of Tanuviel, from an archaeological dig site, they are all ears. The bard explains that the work is time sensitive, and so the heroes leave immediately on their battle wagon.Star_of_Tanuviel.png
  • One day later, the heroes are attacked at night by a host of undead while Konang and Nevyn are driving. Skeletons emerge out of the tall wheat, armed with bows and swords. When an errant arrow injures ‘Honey’, one of the four draft horses who pull the battle wagon, Gronja loses it. She will not abide cruelty to animals and attacks the offending skeletons, even as she endures a devastating wound to reach them.
  • Konang identifies the leader, an insubstantial spectre, and leaps over the creature from the battle wagon. Llewelyn attempts to hex the spectre with necrotic energy, but tickles the creature instead. Nevyn casts Poison Spray at the skeletons to no effect. Vondulyth is surrounded by skeletons, which he smites into oblivion. Wen fires from atop the battle wagon and picks off skeletons to help the paladin.
  • The half-orc swings at one of the skeletons around him, more to remove the annoyance than anything, but catastrophically misses and falls into the spectre instead. Konang momentarily melds with the creature, much like Gronja did once at the first dig site. He rolls away to safety, but can’t shake the feeling that some part of himself was left behind. The half-orc swings his greatsword and dissipates the creature for good.
  • As Gronja and Vondulyth witnessed once before, the remains of each defeated undead whirlwind away after being destroyed. The heroes continue for another day to the new dig site, where they thankfully find everybody alive. Llewelyn and Vondulyth approach the professor in charge and convince her to let them troubleshoot the site.
  • Nevyn shuts out the chatter around him and calls to the voice that he once contacted at the first dig site. He asks “Why were your servants on the road?” A voice answers, claiming to have a ‘use’ for the heroes. The party waits for the midday shift to emerge from the cavern and follows a particularly excited worker to hear what he has to say. The man tells the professor about his latest find. A set of doors that appeared without being excavated.
  • The heroes inform the professor that this is precisely why they are here. The professor implores the heroes to be careful in her dig site and expresses concern for her career. Vondulyth tells the professor, “Better to protect the lives of these people than see both them and your career die at the same time.” The party heads inside the illuminated cave and travels down through the winding depths until they eventually arrive at a large chamber.
  • Several bullseye lanterns are pointing at a set of twenty-foot high double doors made out of the same obsidian material the heroes encountered in the first dig site they explored. The workers appear to have unearthed an obsidian pathway leading up to the massive portal. Wen tracks two people approaching the door, but only one set of tracks leaving. Gronja walks up to the doors and touches the surface. They yawn open. Nevyn shakes his head and says, “One of these days, her last words are going to be what does this do?”
  • The party walk through the doors together, which thunderously close behind them. Nobody bothers to see if they can be opened again. The heroes are far too awestruck by what lies in front of them. An entire city constructed of obsidian stone. No signs of construction anywhere, as if the entire metropolis were carved form a single piece of the black material. Only a broad aqueduct spanned by a bridge stands between them and the city.2014-08-10.jpg
  • Gronja throws a piece of chalk into the water, which sinks into the inky blackness and disappears. The heroes cross the bridge together and begin to make their way into the metropolis, following a central road that leads up to the highest structure. The ceiling above the city is immensely high, casting sunlight down through what look like cracks in the surface.
  • Llewelyn orates to the party when they reach a resting plateau that they are walking through what he believes is a lost dragonborn city, the inhabitants of which died off ages ago. Victims of their own avarice. Moreover, if he is right, this city may still be filled with toxic fumes that can only be countered by eating the indigenous mushrooms. Konang promptly starts cooking a mushroom soup, seasoned with his own tears.
  • Nevyn is the only party member who has difficulty keeping the soup down, and indeed keels over in pain as something horrible writhes through his stomach. Vondulyth lays hands on the elf and purges the deadly poison out of his body, much to his relief. He regains himself in enough time to be surprised by a new enemy. The party is swarmed by bipedal fish creatures who glub in a language nobody understands.
  • The heroes are flanked on both by fishy creatures who attack with man-catchers in an attempt to drag their victims into the adjoining body of water. Gronja and Konang both start behaving oddly during battle, turning on their companions as if compelled by a disembodied force. Their fellow party members chalk it up to the chaos of battle. Gronja grapples Wen’s giant badger in a hug, but can’t explain to herself why she’s doing it.
  • Nevyn and Llewelyn both unleash Thunderwaves against the enemy, but their opponents prove resistant and keeping pressing the attack. A Baneful spell is cast on the bard and druid that inhibits their combat effectiveness. Wen retreats out of battle, but assures everybody that he’s not running away. The ranger shoots the aquatic spellcaster and fizzles his concentration, living up to his reputation as a sage fisher-gnome.
  • Vondulyth drives one of the brawnier fishmen to the ground with his shield and smites him with his sword. Taking down one enemy only raises the ire of those around him. They gang up on the paladin and knock him unconscious. Llewelyn casts Healing Word on Vondulyth, who stands up to receive another beating. Better him than his party members. Nevyn turns into a dire wolf and tears through the fishmen as the bard and ranger sharpshoot the rest from a safe distance, threading their bolts and arrows through melee.
  • The heroes whittle down the enemy until none remain upright. After searching their bodies, the party continue along the road Llewelyn suggested they follow. The heroes eventually arrive at the most prominent building a top the ancient city, but are distracted by what they find inside before they can examine the architecture more closely. It’s Indus. He’s been affixed to the wall, beaten to unconsciousness, and left for dead.

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